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Full-Service Shelter Manufacturing and Integration

General Dynamics is a full-service shelter manufacturer and integrator. Within a 400,000-square-foot manufacturing facility located in Marion, Va., we design, fabricate, integrate and test shelters and enclosures ranging in size from lightweight enclosures for the WIN-T program to expandable 20-foot ASF ISO shelters.

Having produced more than 11,000 shelters since the early 1970s, General Dynamics is well-suited for high-rate production and specialized custom fabrication. We can provide can provide any level of completion, from an empty shelter up through fully integrated systems. We also provide electromagnetic interference shielding, full military standard compliance, ballistic hardening and qualification testing.

ISO Shelter Structures

Army Standard Family (ASF) Shelters

The Army Standard Family (ASF) Shelters produced by General Dynamics are constructed of aluminum-faced, nonmetallic honeycomb-sandwich panels, meeting the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) cargo container specification.

Deployed worldwide in systems such as command centers, kitchens, maintenance shops, medical facilities and a wide range of other applications, ASF Shelters have met or exceeded all performance expectations in a wide variety of environmental extremes.

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Shelter Structures - Cargo Bed Covers

Cargo Bed Covers (CBCs) - Type III and IV

General Dynamics’ Type III and Type IV Cargo Bed Covers (CBCs) are lightweight, rigid structures that provide environmental protection for personnel. CBCs are also used to store and secure mission equipment, tools, valuable items and supplies.

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Shelter Structures - Lightweight Multipurpose Shelters (LMS)

Lightweight Multipurpose Shelters (LMS)

Our Lightweight Multipurpose Shelters (LMS) offer a lightweight shelter with improved electromagnetic interference (EMI), water tightness, and thermal and impact performance. The patented U-Panel construction has been improved by incorporating EMI-resistant enclosure panels; welded seams; one-piece, co-cured wheel wells and Nomex honeycomb core.

Our design eliminates reliance on secondary treatments, such as closeout angles, that have inherent EMI and moisture leak paths and are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to the rigors of the field.

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