SATCOM Training

SATCOM Technologies provides a full range of training options that include classroom training as well as hands-on operation of equipment and systems. Our integrated training programs reinforce formal or theoretical training with practical training. Practical training serves to bridge the student's experience from the theoretical to the practical and also serves to reinforce the original formal classroom training.

Our training programs are designed to enable the customers' personnel to properly operate the system with minimum outside assistance. In addition, we train all students to maintain the system in an operational state through preventive and corrective maintenance actions.

SATCOM Technologies Training programs make full use of multiple media delivery capabilities including Web-based interactive training that includes Audio Video, Animations, and Testing; classroom or instructor -led sessions that use product guides, visual aids (PowerPoint presentations and drawings), lesson plans and quick reference guides. The training is rounded out with on-site, field level sessions for systems including new equipment training (setup, startup, changes from existing systems, and hands-on walk-through demonstrations).

SATCOM Technologies develops its training materials based on Military Standards, Data Item Description and commercial best practices.


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