Outdoor Shelters

Outdoor Shelters For ModuMAX & QuadMod High Power Solid State Amplifiers (SSPA)

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies and Mechantech have partnered to offer new pre-configured and customized shelters to house and support ModuMAX and QuadMod Solid State Amplifiers (SSPA). The new shelters enable our high power amplifiers to be conveniently housed right next to the antenna providing efficient operations and ease of maintenance. The flexibility to position the shelter in close proximity to the antenna requires less waveguide runs and reduces waveguide loss, to enhance operational efficiencies.

  • Combines the proven performance of General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies high power amplifiers with Mechantech’s expertise as a global leader in cutting edge shelter design
  • Pre-configured and customized shelters provides easy access and maintenance to ModuMAX and QuadMod high power amplifiers
  • Enables convenient location next to the antenna to reduce waveguide runs and waveguide loss