End-to-end Voice and Data Security for GSM Wireless Networks

The Sectéra® Wireless GSM® Phone provides end-to-end high assurance secure voice and data communications for commercial GSM wireless networks. The Sectéra Secure Wireless Phone also can be used as a regular wireless phone, both domestically and abroad, and can exchange secure voice and data communications with the Sectéra Wireline Terminal connected to an analog desktop phone.

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Product Details


  • Type 1 encryption in a mobile phone
  • Regular and secure calls from the same phone both domestically and abroad with GSM worldwide coverage
  • NSA certified for Top Secret codeword and below
  • Approved for the encryption of all levels of NATO classified information
  • Features and conveniences of a commercial wireless phone
  • Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) compliant and interoperable

All the Features of a Commercial Phone

The Sectéra Secure Wireless Phone for GSM consists of:

  • A commercial Motorola Timeport™ GSM Tri-band phone
  • The Sectéra clip-in Security Module that provides Type 1 high assurance end-to-end security

Its features include:

  • Small size
  • Long battery life
  • Web browsing
  • Hands-free accessories
  • Caller ID and missed call indicator
  • High quality voice (both regular and secure calls)
  • GPRS data services (General Packet Radio Service)
Sectéra, Edge and TalkSECURE are trademarks of General Dynamics. Timeport is a trademark of Motorola, Inc. GSM is a registered trademark of GSM Association

The Sectéra Clip-in Secure Module

  • End-to-end security using Type 1 encryption
  • Interoperability with
    • Sectéra Secure Wireless Phones
    • Sectéra Wireline Terminals connected to an analog desktop phone
    • Sectéra Edge™ Smartphone
    • SCIP-compatible devices
    • TalkSECURE™ Wireless and Wireline products designed for government, business and international users
  • RED data port provides
    • DS-101 Key Fill
    • Secure software upgrades
    • Secure data applications
  • International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard toll quality speech compression algorithm (G.729 Annex D, 6.4 Kbps)
  • Enhanced security with CKL (Compromised Key List) exchange
  • Electronic Re-Key
  • Secure dialing to support interfaces to RED switches

The Motorola Timeport Phone

  • Tri-band technology for GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz networks
  • Roaming
  • One-touch/speed/voice-activated dialing
  • WAP 1.1 enabled Microbrowser
  • GPRS (General Packet Radio Services)
  • VoiceNote™ voice recorder
  • 500 phonebook and 500 calendar entries with alarm
  • Calculator and currency converter
  • VibraCall® alert for discrete incoming call notification
  • iTAP™ predictive text entry
  • 32 preset and 32 customizable alert tones
  • Multiple connectivity solutions (IrDA®, RS-232, USB)
  • Circuit data/fax (14.4 Kbps)
  • Two-way SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging
  • Integrated Headset Jack
  • Accessories available for hands-free kits, carrying cases, belt clip, desktop and travel chargers

GSM Service

U.S. GSM Service Provider Contact Information for Secure Voice and Data Service:

Additionally, coverage maps, services and roaming partner information for worldwide GSM service providers can be found at www.gsmworld.com/publicpolicy/roaming-overview.

Phone Activation

Subscribe to a wireless network service plan that offers:

  • Voice Service for non-secure voice calls
  • CSD (Circuit Switched Data) Service for secure voice calls
    • 9600 BPS Asynchronous v.32 Transparent
    • Mobile Originate (MO) and Mobile Terminate (MT)
    • The CSD Service must be on a separate phone number from the regular voice number
  • Packet Data Service for non-secure and secure e-mail and web-browsing on the Sectéra Edge
  • SMS (Short Message Service) — optional for non-secure text messaging
  • WPS (Wireless Priority Service) — optional
  • International Roaming/Dialing Service — optional


24/7 Customer Support

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