Data-at-Rest (DAR) Security for Desktop and Laptop Computers

The ProtecD@R® PC encryptor secures data, imagery, video and other information stored on computer hard drives. The ProtecD@R PC is a single unit that can be installed into a desktop computer, or attached to a laptop to protect information classified Secret and below. ProtecD@R PC automatically encrypts the data between the computer's processor and disk drive ensuring the data is protected even if the computer is lost or stolen. ProtecD@R PC can be used with new or already deployed computers, and does not require any host dependencies or Operating System configurations. When your hard drive is encrypted using ProtecD@R PC, the transportation of classified data is drastically simplified and the need to lock up your hard drive is eliminated.

  • NSA certified for Secret and below
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use and install

Product Details

24/7 Customer Support

You are never alone when you partner with General Dynamics to secure your critical information. With over 100,000 deployed NSA-certified encryptors worldwide, General Dynamics is committed to support our customers worldwide with a 24/7 technical Help Desk.

Help Desk — Contact our technical Help Desk 24 hours a day / 7 days a week:

Our Infosec support page is designed to make it easy for customers to access the information they need. Please visit for the following support features:

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  • NSA certified for Secret and below
  • Low cost and easy to use and install
  • Configuration, management and recovery via local serial port or ProtecD@R Manager GUI Transparent operation, no host dependencies
  • Portable, small 1"H x 4"W x 6.4"D form factor
  • Self-generated key unique to each device
  • Simplifies transportation of classified data
  • Non-CCI simplified handling and transportation
  • Compatible with any COTS computer with SATA interface
  • Compatible with 3.5- and 5.25-inch storage bays or can stand along and be connected to the laptop eSATA port
  • Operating System agnostic
  • Field tamper, zeroize and data recovery
  • Low latency, transparent to end users
  • Quiet, no moving parts increases reliability, decreases maintenance

Planned Enhancements

  • Support for multiple drives
  • Unattended operation
ProtecD@R is a registered trademark of General Dynamics
ProtecD@R PC Datasheet View Document
Size Compact 1" x 4" x 6.4"
22 ounces
Data Interface 1.5 Gbps and 3.0 Gbps eSATA
Low Latency Read: 1.5 µsec
Write: 1.5 µsec
Power 5VDC
<7 Watts
Replaceable battery backup power
Native Command Queuing (NCQ) Support
Cold Start <30 Seconds
CIK Up to six user CIKs per device, front panel receptacle
Zerorize Front panel button
Field Software Upgradeable
High Capacity (Rotational) Data capacity: 640 GB
Cache: 8 MB
Write data rate: 187 MB/s Cache, 75 MB/s sustained
Read Data rate: 210 MB/s Cache, 78 MB/s sustained
Write IOPS 4860
Read IOPS 3920
High Performance Data capacity: 240 GB
Write data rate: 78 MB/s
Read data rate: 227 MB/s
Write IOPS 7504
Read IOPS 9403
Supported Operating Systems Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, and Red Hat® boot demonstrated
Security Implements Suite B algorithms
ProtecD@R PC Manager - Provided with every unit Set date and time
Create CIKs (data recovery, zeroize recovery, users)
Enable quick encryptor initial setup
Generate the MEK
View and clear the audit log
Perform recoveries (data, tamper, zeroize)
Perform software upgrade