Cyber Defense Products

Advancing Situational Awareness & Network Security

General Dynamics' world class family of Cyber Defense products are widely deployed today to protect information and networks against persistent threats and defend our assets throughout cyberspace in land, air, sea and space environments. From the network, to the desktop, to the individual, these NSA certified products secure information at the highest level of security to defend against dynamic threats and protect the nation's most critical information.

TACLANE Network Encryptors

The TACLANE® family of network encryptors are the most widely deployed, NSA certified HAIPE® encryptors in the world. Our field proven and reliable encryptors continue to evolve as customer requirements grow offering greater speed and optional features such as VLAN and TACLANE Trusted Sensor Software, to give customers greater control of their networks optimizing bandwidth, cost and SWaP efficiency.

ProtecD@R Data-at-Rest Encryptors

Data-at-rest is Data-at-risk. What would happen if your classified data got into the wrong hands? General Dynamics has extensive experience in the design, development and production of standard and custom data storage protection solutions that provide confidence that your stored information is protected if lost or stolen. Our capabilities include direct and network attached storage solutions and remote management for desktop, embedded and enterprise applications ranging in speed and security level.

Encryptor Management and Discovery

Networks are becoming larger, more diverse, and faster every day. As networks grow so does the number of encryptors needed to secure these networks. Often times these devices are located in different physical locations making the need for remote management critical. The GEM™ family of products enables users to centrally manage and monitor their network of TACLANE and Sectéra® vIPer™ devices remotely, from anywhere in the network.

Secure Voice

With more than 70,000 devices deployed worldwide, Sectéra® personal communication devices provide certified high-assurance, end-to-end secure communication solutions for GSM, CDMA, ISDN, Analog, VoIP and satellite networks. Our latest secure voice solution, the Sectéra® vIPer™ Universal Secure phone allows you to easily switch between making end-to-end secure and non-secure calls on Voice over IP and analog networks, eliminating the need for multiple desktop phones.

Trusted Computing & Cross Domain

General Dynamics trusted multilevel and cross-domain technologies have revolutionized the computer users' access to sensitive information. Organizations around the world can now access information at various levels of security more quickly and efficiently than ever before, while contributing to overall cost reductions and increasing system-wide mobility.

High Assurance Embedded Encryption

General Dynamics' Family of Advanced Core Cryptographic Technologies (FAC2T) provides the highest levels of information assurance to secure the products and systems used to protect the Nation's most critical communications. Embeddable and flexible, the FAC2T encryption engines are low risk, proven and Type 1 certified. Programmable for crypto modernization compliance, the embeddable software includes traffic engines and key management processors that can be used in a variety of platforms from chips to modules, to equipment for manned, unmanned, ground, air, sea, space and cyber applications.