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Technology Is The Cornerstone Of Every Product We Deliver.

We use Internal Research and Development (IRaD) investment to use technology to help solve our customer’s hard problems. We look ahead to where the mission is going and seek out technology that will help our customers get there faster, at less cost and reduced risk. Our current IRaD projects range from discovering new ways to monitor for Insider Threats to reverse engineering in order to reduce time to mission on a consistent, repeatable basis, to making enhancements to our existing products that extend their value and life. We’re also making great strides in the area of High Performance Data Analytics. In our High Performance Data Analytics white paper, we demonstrate how we can combine the processing power of HPC with customized open source technologies to provide real-time analysis and understanding of Big Data.

GDNexus, our technology collaboration community, allows us to scan the technology horizon and identify innovation that satisfies an often-unpredictable customer need. And we’re taking our open architecture approach, developed for the Independence-class variant Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), and applying it to the missions we support, reducing risk and accelerating the delivery of capability.