Tactical Data Network DDS-M

MAGTF Communications for the Entire Spectrum of Operations

The Tactical Data Network (TDN) augments the existing Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) communication infrastructure, providing a complete integrated data network that forms the backbone of MAGTF data and Defense Message System (DMS). TDN consists of a network of Gateways and Data Distribution Systems (DDS) interconnected with one another and their subscribers via a combination of common user long-haul transmission systems, local area networks, single channel radios, and the switched telephone system.

The Digital Technical Control (DTC) provides a deployable, digital technical control capability for communications support organizations organic to a Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). The DTC facilitates the installation, operation, restoration, and management of individual circuits and digital trunks. It provides the primary interface between subscriber systems/networks within a local area and long-haul, multi-channel transmission systems to transport voice, message, data, and imagery traffic.


TDN Gateway Benefits

  • Primary Data Switch System for the MAGTF
  • Interconnects all end-user Tactical Data Systems
  • Inter-networks deployed FMF with:
    • In-theater Joint Information Systems
    • Strategic Level Defense Networks
    • Global Internet

DTC Benefits

  • Primary local area and nodal interface
  • Overall control, timing, patching and test of tactical network
  • Legacy (TRI-TAC) and commercial ISDN switching
  • Joint interoperability
  • Step connectivity

DDS Benefits

  • Furnishes Local Area Network (LAN) service
  • Primary data subscriber access point
  • Interconnects TDN Gateway and other DDS
  • Accomodates a wide variety of interface media