Deployable Data Centers

Cost-Effective Delivery of Communication Services

General Dynamics' containerized data center is designed specifically for the warfighter in both tactical and enterprise scenarios. Our solution is built from the ground up and introduces an innovative, modular design based on functionality that is both flexible in execution and scalable in design to meet any requirement.

Our Mobile Data Center incorporates four core tenets; modularity, flexibility, scalability, and deployability. These tenets, when taken as a whole, allowed us to design a data center capable of the following:


  • Modular rack designs that are interchangeable, interoperable, and can fit to any functional requirement
  • One-size-fits-all container design; a single yet extremely flexible container capable of multiple configurations, including a singular stand-configuration of two or more containers
  • Standardized functional modules and containers that can accommodate 90% of customer requirements without modifications
  • Can scale upwards or downwards to any configuration for any number of users
  • Small form factor makes it extremely portable even with loaded racks (CH - 47 sling load capable)
  • Standardized kits enable repeatable installation for faster deployment, troubleshooting, and common spares and procedures for rapid repairs or replacements.
  • Integrates with existing technical solutions (WIN-T Inc 1)