Combat-Service-Support Automated Information Systems (CAISI)

The U.S. Army's Combat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI) network is the largest tactical wireless network in the Department of Defense, with over 40,000 wireless devices. The solution provides both wireless network extensions between locations separated by distances of up to 32 miles, as well as Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) access points for local personnel. At the heart of this solution is the General Dynamics Fortress Technologies ES520 Deployable Mesh Point.

Used for supply chain logistics, CAISI enables secure communications between soldiers on the front lines, warehouses, and command facilities located around the world. The solution significantly decreases the time required to get soldiers the supplies they need, keeping them equipped and ready for combat.

To operate as a highly specialized forward deployed network, the requirements included meeting several unique challenges. The network had to be portable, fully transportable by vehicle, flexible and ruggedized, and ready for deployment in a variety of environments and climates. It also had to use strong FIPS140-2 encryption, to prevent communications from being viewed by unauthorized parties.

The CAISI Bridge Module (CBM) is a kitted solution. The CBM is a complete radio module access point designed for rapid field deployment. No tools are required to assemble the kit, and the kit includes all of the components for turn-key operation. The CBM supports local area communications up to 2 miles and point-to-point communications up to 32 miles.

Wireless connectivity in the CBM kit is provided by the Fortress ES520 Deployable Mesh Point, a highly versatile unit with dual radios and a built-in 8-port Ethernet switch. The ES520 provides secure, net-centric, wireless communications in an easily deployable form factor, engineered specifically for harsh outdoor environments. It quickly creates a self-forming, self-healing mesh network in environments with no existing network infrastructure. The ES520 offers strong FIPS 140-2 validated encryption and is upgradeable to NSA Suite B algorithms. Delivered in a small form factor, and providing industry leading radio range and performance, the Fortress ES520 is the ideal wireless solution for rapidly deployable networking kits.

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