Powerful GIS Tool for Actionable Information Sharing

GeoSuite® is an advanced data fusion solution that empowers the tactical leader to easily analyze, plan, rehearse, execute and share mission data. Backed by an innovative and resilient network, GeoSuite utilizes an intuitive map-centric interface with unique multimedia tools.

Operators collaborate using text, graphics, pictures, video clips, audio clips, KML/KMZ overlays, Microsoft Office® documents and military symbology. With a focus on rapid dissemination and sharing of critical information, GeoSuite provides valuable intelligence and situational data fusion to all echelons.


  • Information sharing across the full spectrum of operations, connecting field agents to dispatchers and command centers
  • Visualization of critical information from multiple sources to enable mission command
  • Share geo-referenced information and link other users to ongoing activity without leaving the application
C4ISR Technologies - Mission Command - GeoSuite Screenshot

Planning and Intelligence

  • Single point of entry rich with enhanced mission planning and sketch tools
  • Geo-referenced data visualization suite enhancing users’ ability to discover information patterns within their areas of operation
  • Sync matrix timeline provides phased operation planning
C4ISR Technologies - Mission Command - GeoSuite Being Used


  • Information-centric solution delivering real-time data including traffic flow, weather, infrastructure and social media feeds
  • Integrated tools allow quick and accurate measurements of distance, bearing, triangulation, line of sight, area, point-of-origin estimation and radius enabling users to quickly see common measurement conversions
  • Web Mapping Service engine supports external application access to high resolution graphics
  • Intuitive and customizable alerts and notifications
C4ISR Technologies - Mission Command - GeoSuite Screenshot

Ease of Use

  • Integrated Help makes new users effective with little training
  • Drag & Drop utilities and simple user interactions
  • Adaptive mobile interface or desktop interface based on device or user preference (TOC/CP, Mounted, Dismounted)
GeoSuite - C4ISR Technologies

Network Adaptability & Information Assurance

  • Provides an innovative network architecture that can navigate Disconnected, Intermittent and Limited networks proven by delivering intel in Iraq and Afghanistan theaters, to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria rescue workers, to Super Bowl 2017 security and to rangers fighting animal poaching in African Parks.
  • Minimizes bandwidth but maximizes delivery of content and multimedia situational awareness to tactical users
  • Centralized monitoring of assets on the network with ability to solve issues remotely
  • Encryption and User Authentication. Built in security monitoring at the user level
  • Security Classification of Information and Images
C4ISR Technologies - Mission Command - GeoSuite Screenshot

Public Safety Solutions

From supporting search and rescue operations with Texas Task Force One to providing a common operating picture for law enforcement agencies providing security at the Super Bowl, GeoSuite has become the go to solution for first responders and public safety agencies. To learn more about these solutions, check out nFocus Solutions, a General Dynamics partner and provider of non-military GeoSuite applications:

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