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Open Architecture

The Modern Approach to Systems Engineering and Technology Integration

Whether building an industry-leading intelligence analysis network, a state-of-the-art wide-area surveillance system or the communications and control backbone of one of the world’s most advanced battleships, General Dynamics uses a big-picture open architecture approach, optimal for a time in which the only certainty is constant change.

Modern Integrated Development

Creating tailor-made, secure technology systems and solutions no longer requires the extreme expenditures, delays and development obstacles inherent to keeping yesterday’s wholly proprietary technology systems up to date. In some instances, proprietary systems need to be completely overhauled for even small changes to be made. Although proprietary development has its applications and is needed in some cases, this closed methodology often creates impediments to achieving important and time-critical goals.

Flexible, Scalable And Less Expensive

Car manufacturers don’t reinvent the wheel each time a new car is built. In a similar way, using commercially available, proven technology as a building block for systems engineering means not starting from scratch with each new system and challenge. That’s the advantage of open architecture, it’s faster and less expensive to meet current and evolving needs, meaning greater advancement and innovation are possible. Secure technologies can be added, upgraded, combined, swapped out or reconfigured. This also means even large, complex systems can easily plug in new capabilities and be up and running more quickly and cost-effectively.