A new Compact QuadMod Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA); a state-of-the-art SCPC Modem, and ‘Ready-to-Go’ SATCOM products ranging from a Redundant System Controller to fixed and mobile antennas will highlight General Dynamics’ SATCOM Technologies’ Stand #1S1-07 at ComunicAsia June 2-5 in Singapore.

QuadMod Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)

The new Compact QuadMod SSPA is a completely modular, hot-swappable RF amplifier system that offers 630 watts of P1dB in Extended C-Band. Designed to allow broadcasters who use C-Band tube-driven amplifiers to easily transition to solid state technology, the Compact QuadMod SSPA is ideally suited for high-value, satellite uplink stations and other communications hubs where signal reliability, availability and transmission quality are critical to success.

Download a complete datasheet on the Compact QuadMod SSPA.

Model 8550 SCPC Modem

The Company will also feature its new SCPC Satellite Modem, the Model 8550 at CommunicAsia. The Model 8550 has the ability to achieve effective bidirectional data rates from 100kbps up to 850Mbps. Fully DVB-S2 compliant, the Model 8550 also features proprietary ‘NS3’ coding. With NS3, frequency ‘roll off’ can be reduced to as little as five percent compared to 20 percent with other SCPC modems. This performance improvement translates directly to better spectral efficiency and reduced operating costs.

The Model 8550’s ‘Duet’ echo cancellation option allows transmission in both directions in the same bandwidth – providing even greater operating efficiency. And the unit’s Adaptive Coding Modulation (ACM) and Automatic Uplink Power Control (AUPC) options maximize data throughput regardless of actual link conditions.

Redundant System Controllers

SATCOM Technologies’ new Redundant System Controller will be exhibited as a ‘Ready-to-Go’ product at CommunicAsia. The Company’s ‘Ready-to-Go’ program offers customers popular SATCOM Technologies’ products with guaranteed “On-the-Shelf” shipping within 30-days after order acceptance.

The SATCOM Technologies’ Redundant System Controllers provide broadcasters an innovative way to minimize system downtime. The new models include an Ethernet interface that supports an embedded web server with SSL capability. The controllers also feature network monitoring via SNMPv1 and SNMPv3, an encrypted communication protocol.

Crissy Pierson, Business Area Manager for SATCOM Technologies’ RF Electronic Products, said, “SATCOM Technologies offers 19 models of standard ModuMAX and QuadMod SSPAs in C and Ku-Bands as part of General Dynamics’ ‘Ready-to-Go’ product offerings. Each comes with a limited time offer of an extended warranty for an additional two years – a five-year total warranty for all units sold through June 30, 2015.”

Fixed Antennas

Added to the General Dynamics’ CommunicAsia Ready-to-Go product display are three of the Company’s most popular fixed antennas, the 4.8, 6.3 and 7.3-Meter units. The antennas are field-proven standards of excellence for transmit/receive or receive only application. The Model 7.3-Meter RTG antennas deliver outstanding performance for C-through Ku-Band frequencies.

Model C140M Mobile Ku-Band Antenna

Rounding out the General Dynamics CommunicAsia SATCOM display is an exhibit featuring the Model C140M Mobile Ku-Band Antenna, also a ‘Ready-to-Go’ product. The Model C140M is comprised of a single-piece, carbon-fiber, composite reflector mounted on a cable drive elevation over azimuth position which provides a light-weight antenna with superior stiffness and high performance under wind loading conditions. In addition, the antenna features exceptionally low sidelobe and cross polarization performance that are well within Intelsat and Eutelsat requirements.

Kim Scott, Business Area Manager for SATCOM Technologies Tactical Terminals, said, “The C140M mobile antenna can be attached to most lightweight vehicles for fast and efficient mobile satellite news gathering applications. A high wind version is also available that can sustain performance in Ku-Band with wind velocities up to 80 miles per hour.”

Download a complete datasheet on the RTG C140M Antenna.

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